About Foodie Market

At Foodie, we have a passion for produce.

We offer the most extensive variety of specialty produce in Panama, introducing many once-rare produce items to your table.

We are continuously seeking new foods that entertain palates and inspire dishes.

We sell and supply those who are creative and passionate about food including our extensive and exclusive clientele of restaurants and hotels in the city.

As a family-owned business, we make sure that our passion for produce is reflected with our personal touch by carefully selecting the produce you need for your traditional or experimental plates.

Foodie has changed the way Panama eats since 1997.


Foodie's Mission

We taste with our life experiences.

These experiences – both chosen and serendipitous – shape what we heap onto our plates and what we leave unconsumed. What we find delicious is informed by where we have lived, what we value, and who first fed us. Yet our current sense of taste is only the beginning. Riotous colors tempt. New aromas tantalize. We are drawn to the promise of new and vivid flavors. We hunger for more.

That is why Foodie's mission is to bring those experiences and memories together, because we believe that cultures hunger for congregation and gathering and that food can become the catalyst of this motif by allowing new flavors to become new meetings to occur.